The raven is a sacred bird in many traditions The raven is a teacher of magic and like the hawk was one of the creatures who re-created the world after the flood. It is said that the raven stole the sun, a reference to his love of bright things, but he is also a messenger of Great Spirit. As a guardian of sacred laws his appearance was regarded as a sign of coming change, and so he is a bird of transformation bringing new challenges.  
The: Remedy Project 2021 Sadly Luzita lost her eight year battle with cancer in december 2020, her work continues with the chiki foundation carrying on her work. A memorial page for her highness may be found here LUZITAS PAGE The Re:medy Project 2019 Introducing Chi-Ki Energy The re:medy project started back in 2012 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and needed  to learn about and introduce cannabis as  a natural remedy into my integrated treatment plan. This started with a conversation about cannabis as one of many alternative treatments for cancer and all the soul destroying side effects or surgery, chemo and radiotherapy. I used the little pot of lovely smelling green edible coconut cream that was given to me, I put it directly on my gums and on the surgery scars and on an inoperable "lump" on my right collarbone , which had disappeared on the next scan. Well to say I was intrigued was an understatement, I had until then, never researched any cbd or thc or cannabis products. I started asking everyone, if they knew anyone, who knew anything about it! So here we are today, this has developed into a growing group of open minded people and patients developing, growing and learning how to make and take a range of remedies containing  extracts from various strains of Cannabis Sativa, Ruderalis and Indica organically homegrown plants. Learning as we find our own Balance, and achieve Homeostasis. Until 2017 we were using 5 strains, none of which have been bought or commercially modified, all plants are grown by patients organically in sunlight at home  and picked and processed by hand, we make small  regular batches using the whole plant (WPE) using time, old fashioned and some modern processes. We remember that this is a herb and follow our herbalists guide lines, recipes and follow the principles of biodynamic growing patterns. We are constantly testing  new strains and this is an ongoing project.2018 we liberated some indoor plants and let them grow wildly,15 Re:medy St being the outcome U.K. street weed made into a tincture. Each batch is slightly different and may contain plant material, we only use organic and ethically sourced ingredients , we make this for ourselves, we care what goes in! We are growing and learning all the time. And it's always grown and made with love by us for ourselves. These cannabis remedies are NOT FOR SALE, this site is for sharing information only we do not intend to break any uk laws. But we want everyone who needs it to have the chance to talk and try cannabis Remedies for themselves. Growing your own is the best way forward. Grow it, Make it, Take it. In November 2016 CBD products derived from Cannabis Sativa L or Industrial Hemp, were deemed a health supplement by uk government, but had been freely available for sale on the uk market until then, which is fabulous news that this one part of the cannabis plant has been recognised as having medicinal properties and what we as patients have known for a long time. In November 2018 Cannabis based medicine were legalised in the UK. As I update this in August 2019, none of us who have been consistently taking cannabis remedies, with no detrimental ill effects have yet got a prescription. In my case I have been told by my clinical oncologist that there is no evidence that cannabis helps with the treatment of "my" cancers. So he won't be prescribing it for me. My husband pointed out that I was sitting there in front of him " surely the fact she's still here proves that. “The legality around cannabis/hemp/ Cbd/THC is  complex and changing all the time  and I feel I have done everything I possibly can to get a prescription. I have 7 years of telling my medical teams that I am taking cannabis herbal remedies. So we want you to talk about  it for yourselves with real people's experiences so we can help pay it forwards from our research and data as patients on self funded, self titration Living Cannabis Trials. The more people, patients, family, therapists, caregivers, professionals and friends who get involved the better! The re:medy project is about starting a conversation and sharing what we know with whoever wants or needs to know, with the people who have been there and still are on their own journey to living with a life altering diagnosis. Chi-Ki Energy started in 2019 when we got sick of doing all of this alone.  We don’t have to, or need to help is at hand. As a support group I think we can all agree that the fear of taking cannabis for the first time or trying a new treatment or therapy is great in many people. No matter how dire the situation or diagnosis or how close your expiry date is. Fear can rule us. Everyone wants to keep safe with any supplement, herb or any other “stuff “ they add into their protocol. It’s scary trying to find your balance without any support. Which is why we have started Chi-Ki Energy A safe, easy way to try a combination of therapy, energy or healing combining herbal Cannabis remedies applied by the therapists.I have had so much ongoing support from herbalists, homeopaths, chiropractors, osteopaths, hypno-therapists, reflexologists, healers, reiki masters, spiritualists, integrated therapists and so many others that have supported my choices.With Chi-Ki Energy you can too. You can find your balance combining any alternative, complementary, integrated treatment or protocols and Cannabis start with the minimum dose and see how you feel, introduce one product at a time. This is true herbal holistic health everyone is unique and comes from a different starting point with a unique diagnosis, all herbal remedies treat the person not the disease. Please inform your medical team you are using these remedies. We are the data and the research,we are on our own Living Trials Grow it, Make it, Take it. Health Is Balance Deciding to add Cannabis Remedies as part of an integrated or holistic approach to your health and wellbeing is a personal choice. On 1st November 2018 Cannabis based medicine were declared medicine to be legally prescribed by our U.K. specialist healthcare consultants on the NHS. Cannabis based medicine or Cannabis therapeutics, also known as an ancient and much loved Herbal Medicine. We have been supporting patients through living cannabis trials since 2012. As a patient support group we continue to research strains and experiment with mixes, ratios, extraction and infusion methods. Discussing herbal remedies made with cannabis, naturally grown, using the finest organic ingredients. For our own living trials. The right treatment regimen depends on the person and symptoms being treated. For maximum therapeutic benefit, choose cannabis products that include Whole Plant Extract(WPE). Cannabidiol (CBD), a non-intoxicating compound, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component of cannabis. CBD and THC interact to enhance each other’s therapeutic effects along with all the other components of the various Cannabis Sativa, Indica, Hy-bred and Land strains. They all work best together. A patient’s sensitivity to THC is a key factor to determining the ratio and dosage of Cannabis rich medicine. Many people enjoy the cannabis high and can consume reasonable doses of any cannabis product without feeling too high or dysphoric whilst many others find this really unpleasant. CBD and THC (the most researched presently) can, when used in a balanced WPE, lessen or neutralize the intoxicating effects of high THC extracts. Decide how you want to take your cannabis. Cannabis is available as drops, topical creams, capsules, medibles, suppositories or as a fresh plant and as dried buds. Many other products are continuing to become available. Find your ratio. Everyone is different. Cannabis products have varying amounts of CBD and THC. A high CBD or high THC product is not necessarily superior to mixed strains with balanced ratios. Find the proper combination to optimize your therapeutic use of cannabis. Little and often is the best way to take your cannabis remedies or medicine (it’s the same whatever it’s called), over the course of the day. Use the same dose and ratio for several days. Observe the effects and if necessary adjust the times you take it or amount you are taking. I’ll just say it again Don’t overdo it. “Less is more” is often the case with Cannabis remedies. Be aware of possible side effects. Cannabis is a safe and forgiving herbal remedy, when made correctly . Depending upon delivery method and individual tolerance, it can amplify anxiety and mood disorders. Other possible side effects are dry mouth, dizziness, feeling sleepy and increased appetite. Of course an increased appetite and good sleep can also be a benefit for many. Consult your medical professionals for your diagnosis. Start your own living trial with Cannabis remedies. I did and I’m happy to say I’m #StillHere2019 Luzita Hill Cancer Criminals, MS Criminals, Epilepsy Criminals, Diabetic Criminals, EDS Criminals, ME Criminals, Pain Criminals............ The Re:medy Project Living Trials Support Group All donations Support patients on living cannabis trials. Pay-pal Donate Here T