The raven is a sacred bird in many traditions The raven is a teacher of magic and like the hawk was one of the creatures who re-created the world after the flood. It is said that the raven stole the sun, a reference to his love of bright things, but he is also a messenger of Great Spirit. As a guardian of sacred laws his appearance was regarded as a sign of coming change, and so he is a bird of transformation bringing new challenges.  
t is with great sadness we announce our friend and co founder Luzita passed over on the 5th of December 2020 and returned to the light after her eight year battle with cancer. She is much missed by us all here at the foundation. The work she started continues as does the campaign. Luzita, we send love to your spirit as you pass into the otherworld. We know from knowing you in life that your journey was brave and fierce and wild with joy and with anticipation of all that is to come for you. We honour your journey we hold those who love you in deep comfort, we honour their grieving, we wrap them in love. We wish you well, we wish you open pathways and a beautiful journey from here. Blessed be your feet that walked on this beautiful earth that came into contact with the plants you loved so well, the plants that held you in life for so much longer than the Dr said you would. Blessed be your legs, that supported you and held you in this journey, Blessed be your womb, that birthed your child and birthed your creativity, from the fire of life. Blessed be your belly, that took in nourishment, Blessed be your lungs, that breathe the sweet air, Blessed be your heart that beat so strongly and fiercely, that drummed the rhythm of life in its own wild independent way. Blessed be your shoulders, that bore their burdens well, Blessed be your arms that held those you loved, Blessed be your hands that created so many healing medicines, and felt the touch of skin on skin. The hands held by your loved ones as you died. Blessed be your throat that spoke the truth,  that was a hollow bone for all that is wildly true in this world, Blessed be your tongue and your mouth that tasted sweetness and made your truth heard so strongly in his world. Blessed be your eyes, that shone so brightly and saw beauty, Blessed be your ears that heard the bird song, Blessed be your mind that was never tamed. Be well on your journey Luzita, you go from love into love, you are loved and you are love. We wish you well, for this we pray. Luzita Hill Cancer Criminals, MS Criminals, Epilepsy Criminals, Diabetic Criminals, EDS Criminals, ME Criminals, Pain Criminals............ The Re:medy Project Living Trials Support Group Memorials for Luzita My dear friend Luzita  stepped through the veil yesterday. She was an incredible woman, beautiful, strong, charming, engaging and vivacious. Her kindness and generosity of spirit will have touched many lives. Luzita spent much of her last years fighting for people’s right to medical cannabis. She fought the prejudice, fear and misinformation. Squarely putting a mirror up to the hypocrisy of politicians who make money from growing it commercially while at the same time denying it to their own people so desperately in need of its medicine. When she stood up to speak, people listened, they dare not because she wasn’t going to back down. The title she chose for herself was #cancercriminal  because she was forced to break the law to treat her cancer. She fought the Cancer Act which is the most egregious piece of legislation and spoke in parliament, at health seminars and festivals. I was lucky enough to go with her to Portcullis House and watched as she kicked arse, in the nicest possible way of course, it was quite something. Many, many people were helped by her, she had a whole box of cards with the names of people who she had advised and continued to help. We owe a great debt pf gratitude to Luzita and her friends, If it hadn’t been for their continued campaigning and putting the truth out there medical cannabis would never have happened in this country. She became legal just a few weeks ago when she recieved her first prescription of cannabis medicine. By this time it was for palliative care and it helped so much with pain relief. She told me a few days ago that she wanted to ‘live until she died’. And she did and cannabis medicine helped her to do that. I wish with all my heart that she was still here for her incredible husband Terry whose tender care and support of his beloved wife has been quite something to witness. And for their beautiful daughter TG who is so like her Mum. As for her friends, what an honour it has been to know her, we will miss her so much, I can’t imagine life without visits to the Red Shed and for the moment I will imagine that she is in there, making her remedies, brewing some fabulous tea in her glass teapot and we are about to have a long conversation about plant medicine. I loved her so much. Open pathways dear one, till we meet again. Pauline Beautiful Soul ... yes ... made a big impact on many lives Linny I've found out my friend Luzita Hill has passed. We met 4 years ago at the O2 in London to see the Dalai Lama. I asked to share her table and we chatted like old friends. Rest in peace my friend. Johnxxx My beautiful friend. It is an honor to call you my friend.  You are a truly inspirational woman.  I have enjoyed every part of our journey together, from meeting you, working with you and just simply being friends. Rest peacefully now. Until we meet again. Such a brave beautiful warrior Debs So today we said our final goodbyes to Luzita Hill . What a lady, she knew what she wanted her funeral to be like and she truly got it. So proud of TG you did your mum proud- Wendy Heaven has gained a beautiful lady x Goodbye unicorn shall so miss you and your infectious humour x Sammy Dear Luzita, I feel inspired by knowing you and seeing how passionately you stood up for what you believed in. Shining out friendliness and a zest for life, even when you were struggling.  I enjoyed spending time with you at Trewfields festival and doing healing with the Chi Qi team, which you initiated. Your life has affected many people in ripples that will continue to spread out to more. Although I didn't know you as well as others, your life has still made a big impact on me. Beautiful person, sad that you have gone. Sending sympathy to Debs and the rest of your family and close friends- Hannah Luzita has been an extraordinary, inspiring, fearless campaigner for Medical Cannabis. It was an honour to have met her - love and thoughts to Terry and family - Phillip Saddened to hear the news of my friend Luzita Hill  - a wonderful woman whom I admired for her bravery and fight against all the odds x ❤️ Fly high xxx Callie B So Sorry to hear about dear Luzita  passing after a long hard fight. An awesome cannabis campaigner and thanks for your kindness and friendship love as always from me and Kevin  rest in peace sweetheart xxx  Tina and  Kevin My dear friend so sad but thanks for letting me meet and get to know you.  So brave. So inspiring. So funny. So friendly. So kind. So determined. So awesome. So objective. So down to earth. You were the spark for so many....always shining your light to help light others when they couldn't see......thank you so much x Rest in peace always.. Anne M Rip Luzita Hill it was a pleasure to call such a fighter my friend- Simpa RIP to a friend and a ferocious medical cannabis warrior Luzita Hill , taken by cancer whilst trying to defend her right to self-medicate. My prayers go out to your friends and family, rest easy to a lovely soul - Jack So sad to hear my friend Luzita Hill  lost her battle with cancer. Cannabis helped her live a better life and for that I'm grateful. We stood side by side fighting for our medicine. You will be missed.  RIP a true cannabis warrior Clark Oh my how sad...such a warrior and inspiration to so many Small mercy she hurts no more- Phil .