The raven is a sacred bird in many traditions The raven is a teacher of magic and like the hawk was one of the creatures who re-created the world after the flood. It is said that the raven stole the sun, a reference to his love of bright things, but he is also a messenger of Great Spirit. As a guardian of sacred laws his appearance was regarded as a sign of coming change, and so he is a bird of transformation bringing new challenges.  

About Chi-Ki

What is Chi ki ? A question we are often asked, Chi-Ki is the result of  meeting of a group of like minded healers, therapists,  and herbalists who had a common idea to combine our energies, our knowledge, and our experiences to provide information, teaching and support both to individuals and to organisations and companies. As a not for profit organisation we are not answerable to share holders or investors , we run on a donation basis , donations are flexible so those who have more are welcome to donate more, which allows us to help those who have less.   At Chi-ki we value transparency and our professional  team still have to eat , and pay the bills so we draw a wage from our work. At Chiki we like the energy of exchange, and mutually acceptable exchange of knowledge, life skills, crafts, food, or time have worked for generations, although cash and cards and paypal work too, at least till we find a bank manager chi-ki enough to accept therapy for mortgages. At Chi-Ki we love working collaboratively and combining styles of energy work with remedies and therapies of all styles from art therapy through to Zen. In time we hope the foundation will be in a position to provide a symphony of support, both individually and in groups, although we focus on play-shops rather than workshops. Chi-ki works on personal recommendation  and invites  to join the teams out there working to support each other and the wider community. As an organisation we at Chi-ki have a simple ethic KISS  Ki Inclusive Safe and Symphonic. Yeah we modified the old KISS ..Keep it simple and while we are not stupid we are  a bit Chiki. Ki... its all about the energy. Our name and our Reiki Style of Energy work CHi KI combines both Oriental names for universal life-force energy. As an inclusive organisation we acknowledge that all energy healing no matter what technique, style, flavour, or religion essentially accesses the same source by whatever name you are most comfortable with and all are equally valid, so long as you are working from your heart then its all Chiki to us. Members of the CHi-ki team come from a wide range of traditions and the energy of Chi-ki is very much one of combination and bringing that energy into our lives to help support us in our healing and our well-being. At Chi-ki we practice the art of mindfulness, sometimes bloody mindfulness the art of consciously engaging in the energy of life, no matter what challenges it has thrown at us and those we are working with.  We understand that the mind, is key and encourage mindfulness , meditations, visualisations as part of  ongoing self support .We do our best to provide safe supportive spaces and bring our experience to help support those going through  challenges. That extends to supporting family and friends as we know how vital  care is in life, and supporting carers is equally important. No matter what the diagnosis or prognosis we aim to help throughout every stage of life, cradle to the grave. Chi-ki is not only our name, and our logo its also a powerful symbol in its own right, the birth of the symbol pretty much brought all this about and it has energised our work since. In time we hope to attune others to the symbol and  the style of collective combination working. Happy to share but just in case anyone thinks im having that symbol for keeps, please keep in mind its our trade mark too. Inclusive -  its all about all of us At Chiki we are inclusive, and honor everyone’s right to their free will. Race, religion, spiritual path, creeds, colours, choices of diet carnivores, omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans, of whichever sexual identity are all souls making life choices that work for them  As  Grandmother says “it would be a boring old world if we were all the same. “ However aggressive, dogmatic, exclusive , or elitist viewpoints  are not at all Chiki. In fact they can be downright rude. Chiki wont tell you what you need to do, well apart from breathing, you need to breath and if you are breathing that’s a good start. We offer  suggestions and sharing  information, knowledge , research and resources  on what has worked for us and  others. Safe -  its all about you At chiki we work to provide a safe supportive space energetically.  As energy workers,  and therapists we know how valuable that supportive space is. Many who come to us are  justifiably concerned or even frightened, by what they face in their lives. Much of our work is to share knowledge as the more we understand life the less frightening life is. In time and with support we are able to move on past  diagnosis, trauma,or the challenges of life.  Course we sometimes add a bit of humor and chikiness wouldn’t be us if we didn’t. Symphonic  - its all about the vibe The ensemble effect is one often spoken about today  at  chiki we tend to say why limit yourself to 3 or 4 instruments when you could listen to the whole orchestra. The symphonic effect is that blend of multiple therapies, be that light, sound, energy, mindfulness in combination with remedies and energy work.  When we work we work collectively  in groups and when the energy remedy and therapies are combined well that’s chiki . Remedies - its all about balance Lets not beat around the ( Cannabis) bush, our work at CHI-Ki working with the Remedy Project and other  organisations and individuals is working to gain greater understanding and knowledge base  in the medicinal use of Cannabis, specifically the whole plant extract herbal medicine approach, in combination with energetic practice and many forms of therapy.   At Chi-Ki we acknowledge that mother earth is wise, and if she has taken time to put it in the plant it would be chiki to ignore that wisdom. All of that rich biochemistry the plant has grown isn’t something to be cherry picked for a few compounds. The entourage effect is one often talked about as we gain understanding of the benefits of terpines, pinines, flavinoids and all of the compounds found in the plant, and how they interact with us.  By using whole plant all that energy and chemistry is available to the endocanibanoid system of the body. At chi-ki we are a less is more organisation , and acknowledge that nano, macro,and micro dosing and homeopathic dilutions are highly effective. Chiki acknowledge we are all unique and as such the tricky question of dosing is individual and unique. A less is more approach of Starting low and working up to find a point where in combination with therapies, and energy work to maximise the quality of life is how we work. Without wishing to sound too chiki Hemp and CBD as well as the somewhat THC richer Cannabis are all from Cannabis strains  and all have their uses in a wide range of treatments, preparations, creams, tinctures and medibles( yup that is a word and not a chiki typo ) , so the bottle of CBD from the high street is a cannabis tincture who is being Chiki ? There is a huge awakening worldwide to the benefits of Cannabis and we are working to extending that knowledge by taking part in  living trials using combination chiki treatments to add to that body of research. The living trials is a way to feedback information and experience  from the community to the medical profession to help support the growing body of evidence for the medicinal use of Cannabis. It would also be chiki to ignore the rest of the  herbal apothecary mother nature gifts us, Cannabis is just one of the many herbal healers that we have been using for thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years. At chiki we love our lavenders,our comfrey  and our borage in equal measure. The healing power of a cup of herbal tea is often overlooked.  So there’s a chiki little introduction to what chiki is, its evolving and growing all the time. Blessings The chiki team